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"Her collection is striking; every piece has its own style and “personality”. The layers, the combination of colors and shapes are outstanding. What I especially love about her pieces is that as much as most of her necklaces are statement pieces, they remain feminine and don’t take over the entire outfit. They complement your look and some of these items can be worn in a corporate environment." -Bogi of Red Reticule fashion blog



"I love the sense of movement in the necklaces, but also that they look raw, and have an almost "found" quality about them.  Part of that appeal is in the materials used.  The above necklace is the "Aruba" necklace and includes both coral and sea glass among the materials used.  I think it's a brilliant mix.

All of Pam's necklaces are beautifully made, and, best of all, she also takes custom orders.  I love the idea of a custom-made necklace to take with you on, say, a cruise.  When you're traveling with a limited wardrobe and limited color palette, why not have a necklace designed to compliment that wardrobe/color palette?  It's also a great option for wedding jewelry" -Gracey 



model @artfulcitystyle

photo by @dentontaylor  

"@pamnerinecklaces is so talented! We have now been collaborating for a long time and I am always impressed with her incredible creativity! She is always coming up with fabulous new designs! And she's a really great person!!"  Dayle @artfulcitystyle


"Pam is an incredible artist and so attentive to what her customers want to see. Wow is what I said out loud when I see her new posts. I found Pam by accident on IG and glad I did, because now I have some of her beautiful eye candy of my own."  Debbie  @debbyob

"I am the proud owner of quite a few @pamnerinecklaces pieces! Her eye for design matches my aesthetic. She knows that I love violet and will send me photos of different violet beads... I love that she knows my taste and keeps an eye out for the perfect shades of violet.  I also love the ability to collaborate with her to get a piece that I absolutely love. I jokingly tell her that I may need an intervention...I even have a "bag" (she puts the pieces I love aside).  Lovely person, beautiful jewelry, and excellent service... go ahead, order a piece...wait till you see the packaging. It is all so well done."    Laura @maisondelle

"Pam is truly an amazing artist. She's become a dear friend and a special "fan" of my 2 yr old grandson, Ben. I have many necklaces and earrings by Pam. Each piece is unique and meticulously crafted. Each is a piece is a wearable art.  I look forward to many future purchases!"  Cindy @cindy.cox65

"Pam is a true Artist!!  Her pieces are fabulous and fun to wear!! It has been a pleasure to follow Pam on IG and enjoy her creations!!" Kitty @kittywass

"I discovered Pam on IG just over a year ago via @sfshaza who has a number of Pam's fabulous necklaces. The necklaces really caught my attention because they were so different- works of art. I now have 5 necklaces which Pam lovingly packaged and sent to me in Australia. Each time I wear one of these necklaces I receive many compliments."  Marjorie  @marjoriesews

"Just following Pam on IG is a joy already, but now I have the privilege of actually owning one of her beautiful necklaces! Lucky me!"  Yolanda  @yolandaroosje

"Love Pam's jewelry. I have quite a bit of it and get the most awesome comments on my jewelry!!!"  Lisa  @lhall500

"I have several pieces of Pam's jewelry purchased through IG. I love her work! She has a highly creative eye, and creates a constant supply of innovative jewelry."  Shams  @sfshaza

"Pam is absolutely AMAZING!!! I discovered her on Instagram when she first started out!  She has designed many beautiful pieces of jewelry for me and my six sisters.  I receive numerous compliments when wearing her creations. She is truly remarkable."  Jeanne  @styledbyjeanne

OMG,Pam! Your work is brilliant...it's fresh...it's explosive!! I LOVE IT! Your use of color and texture is superb...balance is amazing!   Anna Holland of dorje designs

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